DJ Rydel


In a career spanning well over a decade, Rydel has experience with almost every style of electronic dance music. His outstanding mixing skills impress even the most demanding audience and he always delivers sets tuned to the maximum enjoyment of the people in front of him. Playing in more than ten countries around the world including Spain, Belgium, Mexico, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Colombia, Poland, the Netherlands and Norway, he has shared the stage with DJ's like Tiesto, Ian Carey, Redhead, Misjah, Pedro Delgardo, Space DJz, Filterheadz and played on international festivals with artists like Moby, Massive Attack, N.E.R.D., Kraftwerk and many others. Being an active producer as well, Rydel is getting strong support from some of the major players in the scene. While continuing to release on several international labels he's now primarily situated at NWORec, Neptuun City and Sub Cult, where he is free to expand his experience in the music industry beyond the range of just DJ and artist.

Rydels productions span a wide range and many tracks can be placed in various styles. Besides his primary labels (Sub Cult, NWOR and Neptuun City) you can find his tracks and remixes on a variety of respected labels like Yin Yang (UK), Adult (NL), Weapon (USA) and Moop Up (Spain). Also teaming up with several friends and other producers many more tracks and remixes are constantly on the way to the stores. With a string of strong releases he's steadily gaining support worldwide by many artists in multiple genres.

Performed in:

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Colombia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland & Slovenia

Performed with:

Tiësto, Ian Carey, Pedro Delgardo, Misjah, Redhead, Coca & Villa, Thermo, DarkRaver, Cave, Luke Dzierzek, Space DJz, Ed Real, Filterheadz, Dylan Drazen, Voodoo & Serano, BuzzFuzz, Yves de Ruyter, Jay Denham, Lady Dana, TRB, Marco Bailey, Viper XXL, Pavo, Veztax, 2-4 Grooves, Andreas Kremer and Paul Langley amongst others.

Tracks Supported By:

PHNTM, Umek, Chris Lake, Pedro Delgardo, Bryan Cox, Thermo, Eddie Halliwell, David Moleon, Christian Cambas, Boriqua Tribez, Andy Moor, Sergio Fernandez, Hertz, Stonebridge, Reaky, Beltek, Fer BR, Dataminions, Alexey Kotlyar, Beatacue, Raul Mezcolanza, Paulo Tella and Josh Love amongst others.


RELDZ 012 Rydel Vulcan RELDZ 012 25.02.2013
AktivistsSampler 02 Rydel To The Ground AktivistsSampler 02 11.02.2013
SUBCULTBESTOF 04 Rydel Unstoppable SUBCULTBESTOF 04 10.01.2013
SUBCULTEP 59 Rydel It's My Fault SUBCULTEP 59 17.09.2012
AKR 022 Rydel Get Funky (Robben Hill Remix) AKR 022 18.04.2012
SUBCULTEP55 Rydel Unstoppable SUBCULTEP55 27.02.2012
MOOPUPDIGI 006 Rydel Very Disco (2011 VIP) MOOPUPDIGI 006 12.12.2011
NEPTNWE05 Rydel SoundLive NEPTNWE05 05.12.2011
NEPTN 032 Rydel SoundLive NEPTN 032 31.10.2011
FEV 013 Rydel All of That (Thermo Remix) FEV 013 17.10.2011
NEPTNWE04 PHNTM vs. Rydel 3001 Space Odyssey (PHNTM Remix) NEPTNWE04 03.10.2011
NEPTNWE03 PHNTM vs. Rydel 3001 Space Odyssey NEPTNWE03 25.07.2011
AKR 015 Rydel Get Funky E.P. AKR 015 01.06.2011
WHPHDIG045 Rydel All of That E.P. WHPHDIG045 23.05.2011
NEPTN12 PHNTM vs. Rydel 3001 Space Odyssey NEPTN12 16.05.2011
SUBCULT EP48 Rydel Tlaloc SUBCULT EP48 09.05.2011
UAR057 Rydel Flow Motion E.P. UAR057 28.04.2011
LWPHE 005 Rydel I Feel Love (Dub Mix) LWPHE 005 31.01.2011
SUBCULT EP46 Rydel Strike 3 SUBCULT EP46 10.01.2011
NWOR Beta 009 Rydel Insert Title Here E.P. NWOR Beta 009 21.12.2010
NWOR Gamma 006 Rydel I Feel Love Reworked E.P. NWOR Gamma 006 11.11.2010
Startraxx 027 Rydel Discovery E.P. Startraxx 027 10.11.2010
KOT/Guilhotina D-Oxid & Rydel Chosen End KOT/Guilhotina 27.08.2010
SUBCULT EP29 Rydel Rock Da Hauz / Loopfuggerz SUBCULT EP29 23.10.2009
RELDZ 012 Rydel Vulcan RELDZ 012 27.05.2008
FOEM EY-016 CD Rydel Catch Your Breath FOEM EY-016 CD 2008
D|Dance Records 001 DJ Rydel & HardWired Get Hacked D|Dance Records 001 11.09.2007
SER 025 D-Oxid & Rydel Understand / Here I Am E.P. SER 025 26.02.2007
Taiga Ltd 012 DJ Rydel & HardWired Hoppa (Pette Vaydex Remix) Taiga Ltd 012 02.10.2006
FRR 001 DJ Rydel & HardWired Get Hacked FRR 001 26.10.2005
Krach Records 003 DJ Rydel & HardWired X-Retta / DT's Tour E.P. Krach Records 003 2004


Happy Techno Music Jordi Castillo Koh Samui (Rydel Remix) Happy Techno Music 19.12.2012
AKS 011 GmT Allergic To Stupidity (Rydel remix) AKS 011 20.11.2012
SUBCULTREMIXEP 3 Aka Carl Over Lab (Rydel remix) SUBCULTREMIXEP 3 19.11.2012
DJPRO 011 Vegim Transform Myself (Rydel Remix) DJPRO 011 08.10.2012
PRD 013 Dwight Glove Fireblast (Rydel remix) PRD 013 15.08.2012
CTR 035 Alexey Kotlyar & K.E.N.Y.U. Corner (Rydel remix) CTR 035 09.07.2012
RELDZ 006 Roman Zawodny & Lilonee Underground (Rydel & Coltfreak remix) RELDZ 006 09.07.2012
RBCOMP 087 Loop Junkies Maximal Output (Rydel & Coltfreak remix) RBCOMP 087 07.06.2012
JOU507 Stormy Rayner Broken (Rydel Remix) JOU507 01.05.2012
PHUNK015 Lia Organa & Electric Prince ft. Rantan Electric Dreams (Rydel Remix) PHUNK015 30.04.2012
FSR004 Massach My Club (Rydel Remix) FSR004 29.03.2012
YYR 034 Pedro Delgardo The Spaceman (Rydel Remix) YYR 034 21.12.2012
ENVENOM 024 Diego Herrero Here I am (Rydel Remix) ENVENOM 024 12.12.2011
NEPTNWE05 Whitenoize Hear Ya (Rydel Remix) NEPTNWE05 05.12.2011
NEPTN 035 Whitenoize Hear Ya (Rydel Remix) NEPTN 035 21.11.2011
AKR 017 Heaton J.R.M. (Rydel Remix) AKR 017 14.11.2011
BACKSPINDIGI 002 Quarill Herbal Elements (Rydel Remix) BACKSPINDIGI 002 07.11.2011
CLIMAX 006 Spektral Don't Stop (Rydel Remix) CLIMAX 006 03.11.2011
ADLDIG 034 Alejandro Roman Grandpa (Rydel Remix) ADLDIG 034 10.10.2011
NEPTNWE04 TribalFunkeez Yeyeye (Rydel Remix) NEPTNWE04 03.10.2011
SDK HARD 008 The Phrenetic Project Nobody Listens To Techno (Rydel Remix) SDK HARD 008 27.09.2011
SEXYDIG 007 Prude Polly & DJ Cristiao RM (Rydel Remix) SEXYDIG 007 19.09.2011
ENVENOM 011 Bilro & Barbosa Bass Driver (Rydel Remix) ENVENOM 011 22.08.2011
PRIVATTI 25 Iago Alvarez I'm Back (Rydel Remix) PRIVATTI 25 18.08.2011
VEZO 024 Veztax Is it Not (Rydel Remix) VEZO 024 18.07.2011
Adult (ADLDIG031) George Privatti Heroic Pintour (Rydel Remix) Adult (ADLDIG031) 02.05.2011
Valvula 28 Hardy Navarro (Rydel Remix) Valvula 28 26.04.2011
PRIVATTI 17 DJ Baly Colposinquanonia (Rydel remix) PRIVATTI 17 03.03.2011
Analag 100254 35 Loop Junkies Maximal Output (Rydel & Coltfreak remix) Analag 100254 35 01.03.2011
0090 AS Diego Herrero Vanessa (Rydel & Coltfreak remix) 0090 AS 26.12.2010
NWOR Beta 007 Bryan Cox All You Bitches (Rydel remix) NWOR Beta 007 03.11.2010
NWOR Beta 006 Diego Herrero Sweet Bass II (Rydel remix) NWOR Beta 006 30.09.2010
DTRDIG 027 Skymate Don't Do Drugs (Rydel's Take Drugs remix) DTRDIG 027 29.08.2010
NWOR Gamma 004 Gamut The Stars Aren't High Enough (Rydel & Coltfreak remix) NWOR Gamma 004 21.07.2010
NWOR Gamma 003 The Claw I Just Want (Rydel & Frko remix) NWOR Gamma 003 15.07.2010
NWOR Beta 003 DJ Splif Cubaboat (Rydel & Frko Remix) NWOR Beta 003 28.06.2010
MOSB 033 Rolo Cieri Latitud 34 (Rydel & Frko remix) MOSB 033 27.06.2010
Insulated Room Martyn Hare & Adam Mather Black Note (Rydel's 4 x 4 mix) Insulated Room 02.06.2010
STRMXD 03 Mat303 & Josh Love Let's Go Back (DJ Rydel Remix) STRMXD 03 02.06.2010
Insulated Room Fuma Funaky Shajba (Rydel's 4 x 4 mix) Insulated Room 19.03.2010
TAR 036 Jan Waterman Jazz 'Em Up (Rydel Remix) TAR 036 31.01.2010
TAR 036 Jan Waterman Jazz 'Em Up (Rydel & Deyo Remix) TAR 036 31.01.2010
Weapon Rec. 041 Bryan Cox Freaks On The Floor (Rydel Remix) Weapon Rec. 041 24.11.2009
CSF 010 Omega Drive For U & Me (Rydel Remix) CSF 010 31.10.2008
RELDZ 024 Roman Zawodny Hear No Evil (Rydel Remix) RELDZ 024 17.02.2009
D|Dance Records 002 Coltfreak The Coltfreak (Rydel & Deyo Remix) D|Dance Records 002 11.10.2007
RELDZ 006 Roman Zawodny & Lilonee Underground (Rydel & Coltfreak Remix) RELDZ 006 24.10.2007
SER 037 Gabriel Miller El Progreso (Rydel & Coltfreak Remix) SER 037 10.09.2007
Krach Records 004 Sceptic Project Crash (DJ Rydel & HardWired Remix) Krach Records 004 2006

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