DJ Rydel


28.07.2012 Club K4, Ljubljana K4: Roza House-event
07.07.2012 Przan, Ljubljana Remember The Future VI: Milestone Techno-event
16.06.2012 Tus Planet, Koper Bodyrox! (Charity Event for Nik) House-event
18.05.2012 Euforia, Ljubljana RETOX House-event
12.05.2012 El Foro de Mallorca, Mallorca (Spain) SoundLive Festival 12hr tech-house event
30.04.2012 Extreme, Kranj Extreme 24 hours 24 hrs event in & outdoor, house and techno
30.04.2012 Kamniska Bistrica King of the Hill V.6 Open Air Festival.
28.04.2012 Necujam, Solta (Croatia) MoodRoot Festival 10day House-event
27.04.2012 Necujam, Solta (Croatia) MoodRoot Festival 10day House-event
17.04.2012 Club KMS, Ljubljana House-night House-night
02.03.2012 Extreme, Kranj Project: Madcore Hardcore-event
24.02.2012 Extreme, Kranj Concrete 11 Techno-event
18.02.2012 F-club, Ljubljana Remember The Future III Techno-event
21.01.2012 Club K4, Ljubljana K4-Roza & Rydel's B-day House-event
13.01.2012 Majestic, Mexico City (Mexico) Funky Rydel Techno Techno-event
06.01.2012 Outdoor, Mexico City (Mexico) Techtalk Techno-event
01.01.2012 Cvetlicarna, Ljubljana 1st After of 2012 House-event
30.12.2011 Extreme, Kranj FOCUS House-event
25.12.2011 Green Moon, Ljubljana X-mas UV Techno Party Techno-event
24.12.2011 Megas, Trbovlje X-mas Party House-event
02.12.2011 Extreme, Kranj FOCUS House-event
01.12.2011 Mr.Jones, Ljubljana Heaven & Hell Party House-event
19.11.2011 T.B.A. Bristol (United Kingdom) Filth Infatuated Night -CANCELED- Techno-event
23.09.2011 Extreme, Kranj Concrete 7 Techno-event
09.09.2011 Mala Ramona, Krapina (Croatia) House-night House-event
02.09.2011 Ivarsko Jezero Lake Electronic Festival a 2-day multi-genre outdoor event with 4 dance-floors and over 90 DJ's.
26.08.2011 Near Logatec All You Can Eat (Techno-piknik) 24hr outdoor party.
15.07.2011 Portoroz Beach Open Air Plaza Portoroz 2011 House-event from 12:00 till 0:00
02.07.2011 Party-resort Nidani, Ptuj Nidani! More info soon.
25.06.2011 Inbox, Ljubljana Summer Starter (SMASH !T) Multi-genre event with trance on main floor and techno on second floor
17.06.2011 Extreme, Kranj Contrete Season Closing: Oldies Goldies Techno-event
11.06.2011 Club Cien, Krakow (Poland) ABC Music House-event
30.04.2011 Extreme, Kranj Extreme 24 Hours 24 hrs event in & outdoor, house and techno
16.04.2011 Firestarter, Ljubljana Flavor Vibez Techno-event
02.04.2011 Mala Ramona, Krapina (Croatia) House Grooves House-event
25.03.2011 Extreme, Kranj Concrete Night III Techno-event with Veztax & Pedro Delgardo
19.03.2011 Texas, Sebrelje Techno w/Rydel Techno-event
05.03.2011 Mocilnik, Vrhnika SMASH !T Techno-event with David Moleon
29.01.2011 Club K4, Ljubljana Roza Sobota House-event and Rydel's birthday-party
25.12.2010 Topolna (Czech Republic) Sonne 10 Techno-event with The Frog, Orbith, Lucasch & Coma
16.12.2010 Club K4, Ljubljana Osumljeni Multi-genre event
14.10.2010 Club KMS, Ljubljana Electronic Thursdays House-event
18.09.2010 Flash, Trbovlje Grooving with Rydel Techno-event
03.09.2010 Inbox, Ljubljana Elyksir: The Decade Multi-genre event with Reaky, Reconceal and Elyksir
19.06.2010 Maraschino, Zadar (Croatia) House-night House-event
12.06.2010 Daylight Beachclub, Umag (Croatia) Opening Party House-event
27.05.2010 Galerija, Ljubljana Spomladanska Zabava House-event
25.12.2009 Oxy, Loz Oxy House House-event
18.12.2009 Raca Bar, Ljubljana Friday before last... Techno-event with Psiho
11.12.2009 Kavka, Novo Mesto Kavka House-event
17.10.2009 Nassar Club, Bogota (Colombia) Electronic Rain Sounds Techno-event with Lilonee, Sayith Pertuz, Roman Arango and Dallas
13.09.2008 Macuba, Varazdin (Croatia) Communication House-event
22.03.2008 Clingkeller, Villach (Austria) Electronic Tunes 3 Techno-event with Miss Sunshine and Marvez
15.09.2007 Club K4, Ljubljana Late Summer Party House-event with Krissman
14.08.2005 Heineken, Koper Final Flash 6.4 Multi-genre event
14.01.2005 Brezolupy (Czech Republic) Bayday Multi-genre event
29.11.2003 Africa, Trebnje Filterheadz! Techno-event with Filterheadz

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